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Hey! I make art every-so-often. You might just be interested in it!

Check me out on Newgrounds - it's the main place where I compile all my drawings. Additionally, I have an Instagram - but that's only available on Spanish.

More Projects

Bareiro Kart

About Me

Hey there! I'm Erik (also known as Despedite online), a programmer, artist, game developer, video editor and general Internet maker-man from Buenos Aires. Most things you'll see around here is done for fun and for a couple dozen eyes only, but there's a couple of stuff here and there that are more-so work than anything else - surely you can figure out what those are.

If you like what I do, or you just wanna chat it up, why don't you take a look at my social media platforms on the left? Most are in English, some are in Spanish, whatever the case I'd love to hear from you!

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