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Friday Night Death Slot


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Presenting Friday Night Death Slot, the only TV game show where our participants die for realsies! Play through six-second platforming challenges, while risking yourself and grabbing Audience Tokens to keep the ratings at bay in this frantic platformer! Also, prepare to die. A lot.

In a world where audience retainment is as low as it could be and the interest on TV is dropping at a rapid pace, a totally-not-evil television host sets out to create a new kind of game show - one accomodated to the audience's short attention span that adjusts to their reactions as it goes on. You, the contestant (slash victim), will need to act quick as you zoom past these production sets, getting to the exit, dying while you try to do so and collect Audience Tokens along the way to not lose the interest of the watchers at home - how many levels can you survive until your inevitable demise?

Created for the Extra Credits Holiday 2018 Game Jam, And Knuckles. Take a look at it over at Itch, Gamejolt and Newgrounds.

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Hey there! I'm Erik (also known as Despedite online), a programmer, artist, game developer, video editor and general Internet maker-man from Buenos Aires. Most things you'll see around here is done for fun and for a couple dozen eyes only, but there's a couple of stuff here and there that are more-so work than anything else - surely you can figure out what those are.

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