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Bareiro Kart is a mod/build of the popular racing-party game SRB2 Kart made by Kart Krew, with almost 20 new characters to choose from! Those include both characters from previous games of mine, Argentina-themed characters, and outlandish inclusions all around. While I made this game for me and my friends only, for the most part, it's got a fair deal of work put into it.

The latest DLC, Bareiro Kart: Racing Pass includes Elle from Bridgefall, Joel from Vinesauce, Troshkii from an old video series of mine, The Host from Friday Night Death Slot and San Martin, from El Asombroso Mundo de Zamba. Along with this comes a 24/7 online server to play with friends no matter where they are!

Download the game (only Windows) here.

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Hey there! I'm Erik (also known as Despedite online), a programmer, artist, game developer, video editor and general Internet maker-man from Buenos Aires. Most things you'll see around here is done for fun and for a couple dozen eyes only, but there's a couple of stuff here and there that are more-so work than anything else - surely you can figure out what those are.

If you like what I do, or you just wanna chat it up, why don't you take a look at my social media platforms on the left? Most are in English, some are in Spanish, whatever the case I'd love to hear from you!

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