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Reto is an upvote and downvote system akin to Reddit, for Discord! Any user can heart a message they particularly like (or crush a message they don't quite enjoy) by reacting to said message with a :plus: or :minus: to add or subtract to an user's Karma score. Not only that, but users with the "Curator" role have access to the :10: emoji, which will grant the message-poster 10 points towards their Karma, and send the message to a "#best-of" channel for all the world to see. This bot is perfect for personal and community channels that want to have an alternative scoring system to that of levelling up, and want to showcase how fun and interesting their community is!

You can get started by adding Reto to your Discord server and sending the command ?setup. Additionally, you can check the repo on Github and host it yourself! If any issues arise, contact me on the support server.

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About Me

Hey there! I'm Erik (also known as Despedite online), a programmer, artist, game developer, video editor and general Internet maker-man from Buenos Aires. Most things you'll see around here is done for fun and for a couple dozen eyes only, but there's a couple of stuff here and there that are more-so work than anything else - surely you can figure out what those are.

If you like what I do, or you just wanna chat it up, why don't you take a look at my social media platforms on the left? Most are in English, some are in Spanish, whatever the case I'd love to hear from you!

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